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About Black House Yoga Centre

Louise and her partner Darcy live in the village of Metcalfe with their three dogs, Joseph, Stella and Quincy.


They opened Black House Yoga Therapy Center in 2010 and have helped build a community of like-minded yoga practitioners and lifelong students of yoga.

Louise hosts international yoga retreats, workshops and teaches daily yoga therapy classes.

Yoga therapy aims to empower the individual by helping them overcome their health challenges and gain independence, taking a more active role in their self-care with accessible and easy-to-apply


Louise Mulvihill

Louise has been practicing and teaching yoga for well over 25 years. A lifelong student of yoga, Louise has over 3500 hours of formal studies from different traditions of yoga and yoga therapy based on science as well as eastern modalities. 

Naturally drawn to the study of yoga therapy, Louise has always believed that there’s more to life than what the eyes can see. Her affinity for consciousness expansion has led her to study various forms of yoga over the years.

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